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25KG weighing filling machine-net type

This machine can combine with platform, conveyor and sewing or sealing machine, which can finish a completely powder or fine granule products semi-auto packing line through manual to put the empty bag on the bag clamp.

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Application for all free flowing products like wheat flour, milk powder , protein powder,coffee powder ,pesticide powder, toner powder , starch, CMC, coffee powder, premix, food additive and ingredients and some other fine powder.
Working Principle

1. When the quantitative packing scale enters the automatic operation state, the weighing control system outputs the fast feeding request, and the feeding system works. 

2. When the material weight reaches the set value of fast feeding, it is switched to slow feeding; when the material weight reaches the end set value, the slow feeding is stopped to complete the dynamic weighing process. At this time, the system detects whether the bag clamping device is in the predetermined state. 

3. When the packaging bag has been clamped, the system sends a control signal to open the discharging door of the weighing bucket, and the materials enter the packaging bag. 

4. After the weighed materials are put out, the system will automatically close the door. 

5. Then material discharging finished, the bag clamping is released, and the packaging bag automatically falls down and is transported to the next station by the conveyor line for sewing or heat sealing.

Appearance Size And Parameters
Hopper volume100L100L100L100L
Packing weight10-50KG10-50KG10-50KG10-50KG
Packing speed7-9bags/min5-7bags/min6-8bags/min5-7bags/min
Voltage220V 50Hz220V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Product Configuration
Material NameGear motorLoad cellElectric componentsInstrumentPneumatic components
Material Photo