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Horizontal paddle mixer

The horizontal paddle mixer has a specially designed paddle/blade, which is suitable for the mixing of granular materials or material contains granular. And it is suitable for plastic, granules, seasonings or condiments, pharmaceutical/medicine granules, granular foods and the like.

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The paddle has less damage to the integrity of granular raw materials, and can form a small stirring resistance in the process of stirring, so it can run smoothly.The mixer can be made of SS304 or 316 material according to user requirements. You can also choose different mixing/stiring methods such as: ribbon, paddle, plough.
Working Principle
Material discharge: The feeding amount is flexible, 15%-100% can be mixed normally. The emptying is fast, no residue, and the product is not layered.

Mixed effect: It has been proved by experiments that the mixing process is very soft for the product and can reach the ideal mixing state in a short time.

Structural design: Space-saving design, especially suitable for large batches of mixing, large manholes for easy cleaning in tanks.
Appearance Size And Parameters
ModelVolume (L)Power (Kw)Rotating speed (RPM)Loading factorDimension(L*W*H) (mm)Voltage Hertz (V/Hz)
JCN-HHW-JY180C1803770.4-0.61709x620x750Single phase/220V/50HZ
JCN-HHW-JY350C3505.5560.4-0.62030x700x840Single phase/220V/50HZ
JCN-HHW-JY700C7007.5480.4-0.62630x905x1250Single phase/220V/50HZ
JCN-HHW-JY1400C140015390.4-0.63050x1150x16003 phase/ 380V/50HZ
JCN-HHW-JY2800C280022310.4-0.63650x1300x18503 phase/ 380V/50HZ
Product Configuration
Material NameBearingMotorElectrical components(optional)
Material Photo