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Bulk bag unloader (HOIST | FORKLIFT )

Big bag discharge station are also known as big bag unloader, bulk bag emptier, FIBC discharger, FIBC unloader, FIBC emptier, super sack discharger, container bag unloader, container bag discharger, super sack unloader and super sack emptier. This unloader is used for the bulk bag unpacking of powdery and granular materials. It is used in petrochemical industry, rubber and plastic industry, food industry, agricultural chemical industry and auxiliary fine chemical industry to unpack bulk bags (jumbo bags) of dry powdery and granular materials such as plastic resin, carbon black and food additives.

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Always used in chemical industry, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, food and other industries of powder and granular material in the ton bag unpacking discharging operation, such as a large bag (ton bag) plastic resin, carbon black powder and granular materials and food additives and other dry powder and granular materials unpacking and discharging.
Working Principle
Enhance the bulk bags to the unloader feed port by electric hoist or forklift; manually open the discharging mouth of ton bags; then open the flow control valve and supplemented by massager to promote powder or granular material(in the bags) to rely on gravity fall into the hopper to complete unpacking & discharging work.
Appearance Size And Parameters
ModelLifting capacityLifting methodOptional 1Optional 2Optional 3
JBS-XL1000-H/F10-20bag/hrhoist/forkliftscreeningflexible siloscrew Conveyor
Product Configuration
Material NameHoist brandCylinder
Material Photo