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Horizontal plough mixer

This horizontal mixer consit of:cylinder, stirring device and transmission components,ect. Stirring device for the plough type, while according to user needs and materials' characteristics, can increase the liquid spraying module, flying knife tool module, the cooling / heating module, and the detection module. The equipment has a wide range of application, mixing no dead ends, short time cost, high mixing uniformity characteristics. And can choose reasonable model according to the raw material characteristics and quantity.

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The equipment adopts the German manufacturing process, we are committed to the improvement of the mixing machine equipment process to improve the mixing process to ensure that the raw materials are not destroyed during mixing. At the same time, it can also ensure that some trace elements, small raw materials can also be mixed evenly.
Working Principle

When the mixer is working, the mixed materials are driven by the isomeric wire rod to move up and down and circle in the cylinder, so as to achieve the required mixing uniformity. 

After installing the flying knife module, the flying knife can not only disperse the materials in the axial direction, but also take the animal material to make the circular flow along the circular cylinder, which plays the role of auxiliary mixing and dispersing and depolymerizing the agglomerated materials.

Appearance Size And Parameters
ModelVolume(L)Chopper Power (Kw)Stirring PowerStirring Speed(RPM)Dimension (L×W×Hmm)Voltage Hertz (V/Hz)
JCN-HHW-LD700C7002.2*211882710x1310x2130single phase/ 220V/50HZ
JCN-HHW-LD1400C14003*318.5742886x1557x23453 phase/ 380V/50HZ
JCN-HHW-LD2800C28004*322553580x1853x27503 phase/ 380V/50HZ
Product Configuration
Material NameBearingMotorElectrical components(optional)
Material Photo