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Metal decter

Regardless of whether you manufacture or process food, plastics or other products, our metal detectors readily integrate into all production lines for piece and bulk goods. Once installed there, they help reliably protect consumers and machines from metallic contaminants.

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Working Principle
There are three groups of coils distributed in the detector, namely the central transmitting coil and two equivalent receiving coils. The high frequency variable magnetic field is generated by the oscillator connected to the middle transmitting coil. In the idle state, the induced voltages of the receiving coils on both sides cancel each other before the magnetic field is interfered and reach the balance state. Once the metal impurity enters the magnetic field area, the magnetic field is disturbed, and this balance is broken. The induced voltage of the two receiving coils cannot be offset. The non offset induced voltage is amplified by the control system, and an alarm signal (metal impurity is detected) is generated. The system can use the alarm signal to drive the automatic elimination device, so as to exclude metal impurities from the production line.
Product Configuration
Material NameDetector headDetector head
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