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Rapid development of food industry | China's additive industry has unlimited development potential
Date: 2019-03-15     |    Viewing Count: 461

Food industry is one of the important pillar industries in the national economy, which directly affects the development of industry and agriculture, the improvement of people's living standards and social stability. It reflects a country's economic development to a considerable extent. Among them, the food additive industry occupies an important position in the food industry. In other words, without food additive industry, there would be no modern food industry. Food additive industry is known as the soul of modern food industry.

At present, the total number of food additives used in the world has reached more than 14000, of which about 4000 are directly used. The development and development of food additives in China originated in the past ten or twenty years. So far, more than 1500 kinds of food additives have been approved for use in 22 categories, including more than 700 kinds of edible spices. As the catalyst of modern food industry, the market development potential of food additives will be immeasurable.

In recent years, China has actively advocated the policy of "nature, nutrition and multi-function" in the production of food additives, which is consistent with the international trend of "returning to nature, nature, nutrition, low caloric energy and low fat". It has unique advantages to develop natural, nutritious and multifunctional food additives.


Developed natural food additives:


1) Sweeteners.

Natural sweeteners usually have the advantages of high safety, good taste, high stability and good water solubility, which are beneficial to the health of people with hyperglycemia, as well as other health functions. Therefore, the market demand for natural sweeteners is increasing at an annual rate of about 8%, and the research on natural sweeteners has attracted widespread attention. Natural sweeteners include stevioside, licorice, disodium Glycyrrhizinate, Tripotassium glycyrrhizinate and trisodium glycyrrhizinate. Among them, glycyrrhizin is 250 times sweeter than sucrose. When used with a little sucrose and sodium citrate, it can reduce the amount of sucrose, effectively avoid the sweet and greasy feeling caused by too high sucrose concentration, and has the function of aroma enhancement.


2) Natural preservatives.

It is also called natural organic preservative, which is a kind of food preservative obtained by artificial extraction or processing. The research of natural food preservatives has been in a very active state. Many plant extracts can also be used as natural food preservatives. At present, about 1000 kinds of plants contain antibacterial compounds. Although plant extracts have been used as natural food preservatives for a long time, due to the complex components of natural extracts, a lot of in-depth research work is still needed on the isolation, identification, antibacterial activity and mechanism of action of these plant derived natural food preservatives.


3) Natural antioxidants.

It is generally taken from natural edible materials, such as vegetables, fruits, seasonings, Chinese medicinal materials and seaweed, agricultural and food industry residues, some microbial fermentation products, etc. Lipid oxidation in food is one of the main concerns of food industry. Lipid oxidation will not only produce bad rancidity odor, reduce the nutritional value of food, but also lead to safety hazards. Adding antioxidants in food can ensure the quality of lipid food and prolong the shelf life. Among them, natural food antioxidants are widely favored because of their safety. Studies have shown that many herbs and natural seasonings contain antioxidant active ingredients, which are very good sources of natural antioxidants, such as rosemary, sage, thyme, ginger, summer vanilla, black pepper, pepper, clove, basil, mint and spearmint. In recent years, consumers' safety awareness of food additives has been continuously improved, and safe and natural antioxidants have become the development direction in this field. Due to the increasing demand for natural antioxidants in food industry, the research on new efficient and safe natural antioxidants is still in the process of continuous exploration.


With the rapid development of food industry, green safety food additives will become the mainstream direction of food additive industry. The research focus in the field of food additives will be on the research of bioengineering technology, natural resources research and new technology for the safety of food additives.


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