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What are the necessary trends of automatic packaging line?
Date: 2019-06-29     |    Viewing Count: 497
With the development of globalization, some technologies are basically mature and stable. At this time, we begin to pay attention to the improvement of production efficiency. We also hope that the production machinery and equipment can have the function of automatic identification. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness, hardness, resilience, etc. of packaging materials. Through the computer, it can reflect the movement fluctuation of the manipulator to ensure no rebound. On the other hand, the orientation of materials of different shapes can be confirmed by probe scanning, and then reflected to different manipulators, so as to accurately put the articles into the tray according to the accurate orientation and direction, which is fast and accurate.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many enterprises begin to pay attention to reducing waste, including noise and dust pollution, which is particularly important in food processing.

Because the types of food materials in the process of processing are quite different, because it is not only the production of main products, but also other by-products, such as corn starch, corn oil, salad oil, margarine, glucose, corn gluten and feed in corn processing plants. All the sewage in the process of production needs to be treated. If the whole process is a fully automatic packaging line, it can save a lot of time and provide efficiency. At the same time, it can reduce waste and even no pollution. I believe this is our common pursuit.

In the past, automation skills only accounted for 20% of the packaging machinery planning, but now, it accounts for more than 50%. In many places, microcomputer planning and electromechanical integrated control are used to improve the automation level of packaging machinery. The main purpose is to improve the production rate and, of course, the flexibility and flexibility of the equipment.

In addition, it is also to improve the ability of packaging machinery to complete complex actions, that is, to select the manipulator to complete the packaging process. Automatic operation procedures have been used in more advanced packaging systems, such as PLG equipment and data collection system, which represents the trend of advanced packaging system. In order to ensure a high level of productivity, automatic inspection system and efficient automation system are essential.