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How to improve the production efficiency of automatic packing machine?
Date: 2021-03-18     |    Viewing Count: 608

Many companies take various measures to improve the production capacity of automatic packaging machine. So, how much do you know about improving the production efficiency of automatic packaging machine?

Here summarize the following methods:

  1. Widening the discharge blade of storage tank: Mingdu, Jiangshan and other packaging plants increased the width of discharge chamber blade from 34mm to 45-48mm, and the discharge cover was widened accordingly.
  2. Expanding discharge port: the diameter of discharge port is expanded from 32mm to 40mm-45mm. At the same time, the discharge nozzle on the packaging machine should be enlarged accordingly. When the outlet nozzle is too large, it will affect the automatic sealing of cement paper bag.
  3. Properly increase the spindle speed: the spindle speed of many packaging machines is generally 970rpm. But when the speed of the main shaft of the whole machine is increased, the production capacity of the main shaft can be increased.