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Clean and dust free production of powder preparation production line
Date: 2019-02-26     |    Viewing Count: 482

The prominent problem in the process of powder processing and packaging is the large dust pollution, and the environment and health are the key factors. Some powder preparation enterprises have selected dust-free powder feeding, feeding, conveying, mixing, storage, packaging and other equipment, but in practical application, the dust removal and air purification of production line equipment and dust collection facilities are lack of overall consideration, the process layout of powder processing is unreasonable, and the dust removal is lack of systematic design. Therefore, the clean production of powder preparation still plagues the powder preparation industry. In recent years, JCN has made the following beneficial attempts in dust removal and clean production of powder preparation:

1. Cleaning of powder feeding: the wettable powder is fed by the silo equipped with pulse dust collector, and the feeding of rotary granulation is automatically sucked by powder diaphragm pump. In addition, the dust-free manual / automatic feeding station, dust-free ton bag feeding station and other equipment with quick dismantling function can be selected according to the actual use situation.

2. The discharge adopts spiral cutting device, with controllable speed, adjustable stock, automatic measurement, and quick disassembly design, which is convenient for internal cleaning and maintenance.

3. In addition to the dust collecting fan, the cover of the mixing system adopts an openable sealing cover to avoid dust leakage in the mixing process. With the quick disassembly design, the internal cleaning without dead angle can be realized.

4. Effective control and on-site collection of dust escape points of t-adding system.

5. The outlet adopts suction and exhaust air collection, and the dust scattered on the ground is collected by vacuum cleaner without secondary pollution.

6. The dust spilled from the feeding port, filling port and bag seal of the automatic packaging machine adopts filter type dust removal, which is connected with pulse type dust removal and water film dust removal. The dust is collected above the packaging machine through air suction device and air suction pipe.

7. Local isolation and negative pressure collection shall be carried out for the whole space in the dust prone area, and the dust scattered on the ground shall be collected by vacuum cleaner without secondary pollution.

8. The floor in the easy overflow area shall be cleaned by industrial vacuum cleaner or wet cleaner.

9. The air shower door is installed in the battery limit of the unit as a pedestrian passage to prevent dust pollution caused by workers' work clothes in other battery limits. The logistics door in the battery limit of the unit is also designed with semi closed plastic curtain to maximize the control of dust leakage at the material outlet.

10. The installation is specially used for cleaning and discharge pipe network, and the residual water in the inner wall of the sewage discharge pipe after equipment cleaning is blown by the heating fan.

11. Workshop to develop a strict cleaner production standards, from the system to ensure cleanliness.

12. According to the national laws and local regulations, the three wastes of solid preparation are mainly from the following sources: 

     1) Waste water from cleaning equipment;

     2) Collecting waste water from tail gas dust;

     3) Dust containing tail gas produced by airflow crushing system, granule drying system, packaging dust removal system and air purification system;

    4) Raw materials, auxiliary agents, semi-finished packaging bags, cardboard barrels, cleaning equipment ground pipe collection powder waste, automatic production waste, etc.