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Date: 2021-03-16     |    Viewing Count: 1066

  Chinese seasoning market experienced strong growth from 2011 to 2016. The sales revenue of Chinese seasoning increased from 258.8 billion yuan in 2011 to 456.8 billion yuan in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 12%. 

  The past two years have ushered in an explosive growth period. Behind the rapid growth of the industry, the traditional manufacturing mode has not enough potential to promote the sustained and rapid development of seasoning enterprises. High manual dependence, fast product update, difficult process standardization, short product change cycle, large fluctuations, difficult management and other manufacturing problems have caused great trouble to the seasoning industry, and even hindered the rapid growth of seasoning enterprises.  

  This exhibition focuses on the intelligent upgrading of compound seasoning. JCN provides you with innovative solutions for intelligent machines in compound seasoning industry.