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After 15 years of development, Join Automation Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as JCN) has become a domestic first-class powder engineering, metering, and packaging automation equipment manufacturing enterprise. Professional production is suitable for the feeding, screening, crushing, mixing, conveying, measuring, packaging, palletizing and other equipment of various granules and powder materials. In Jiangsu, JCN has a production base of more than 30,000 square meters, which can accommodate 8 large-scale equipment production lines for simultaneous production and commissioning. We foresee that the production and operation of food, medicine, fine chemicals and new materials industries are developing in the direction of safety, health, energy conservation, environmental protection, and high-efficiency intelligence.

Comprehensive Solution

JCN aims to build the intelligent plant for clients. Covered food, additives, seasonings, medicine and fine chemicals, and other product lines, to provide you with a more comprehensive product selection and provide you with up to 65 product options. Relying on a complete product line, as well as years of experience accumulation and profound understanding.

Lean Product Quality

JCN's pursuit of Lean quality is not only the strict quality control in the sense of single machine, but also the system standard implementation of the whole project. Through the introduction of advanced processing equipment, to ensure the continuous improvement of each part. Through the practice of many projects to ensure that the customer site in line with strict industry standards.

Forward-looking innovation concept

JCN is based on high-tech, with excellent research and development strength. We have more than 1000 square meters of test center, which can simulate the customer environment for a long time to carry out all kinds of system tests and performance tests, so as to provide users with more long-term value-added services. JCN never stays in the status quo, but focuses more on users' future needs and makes continuous innovation. We not only understand problems from the perspective of users, but also understand the future from the perspective of users' customers. Therefore, we firmly believe that continuous innovation is the company driving force of continuous progress in the fierce competitive environment.

All round service support

JCN can provide complete service support and rapid response for users after years of practical experience and long-term technical accumulation in system engineering. At the same time, we continue to integrate resources, obtain key technologies, always maintain the advanced level in technology, and actively apply these technologies to the comprehensive upgrading of user projects.

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